Point Abino Lighthouse

Point Abino Lighthouse

Town of Fort Erie
Fort Erie, ON

The Point Abino Lighthouse is a National Historic Site constructed in 1917 as part of a federal navigational improvement plan. The neoclassical design of the lighthouse and inventive application of early concrete technology make the structure one of the most distinctive and appealing historic lighthouses in Canada.

The lighthouse is a tourist attraction for Canadian and American visitors and is a source of pride for the local community.

The Town of Fort Erie purchased the lighthouse in 2003 after the site had fallen into disrepair. Its deactivation, the removal of its machinery, and long-term exposure to extreme weather conditions had caused significant deterioration to the building.

THA worked in collaboration with structural engineers Read Jones Christoffersen to restore this distinctive landmark. The restoration effort began in 2011 and included environmental assessments, localized repairs, restoration of decorative finishes, and the reconstruction of architectural elements such as doors, steel windows and railings.

THA’s assessments and restoration drawings incorporated materials and methods used during the lighthouse’s original construction. The team removed and replaced 40% of the original concrete using board form finish techniques to duplicate the structure’s original finish.