Province House

Province House

Parks Canada
Charlottetown, PEI

Province House is the birthplace of Confederation and has been the seat of Prince Edward Island’s Legislature since 1847. The National Historic Site is operated by Parks Canada, while Public Works and Government Services Canada sets the Standards for its conservation.

THA prepared a building Master Plan for Conservation of the superstructure, masonry and roofing elements prior to implementing the first phase of the selective conservation and some temporary stabilization of walls at the interior. Conservation work for the Pictou sandstone included: repointing with lime mortar; stone repairs ranging from fine dressing back and mortar repairs, to pinning and micro-grouting; and various cleaning techniques such as poultice application and micro-abrasive cleaning.

Conservation standards were maintained by a rigorous mock-up stage performed under the direction of the masonry conservator and audited by the architects on the team.

The iconic heritage site had been restored by Parks Canada as a centrepiece of our Canadian heritage. However, major underlying structural deficiencies, from basement through attic had caused serious issues of safety, and threatened the life of the site.

In a team with conservation specialist Spencer R. Higgins, the group examined the building on an emergency basis, setting a program of work that had to be used to stabilize the building for occupancy. The extensive Master Plan and emergency stabilization has been recognized as the plan for future conservation in a multiyear program.