The Firm


Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd. (THA) was founded in 1991 to address architecture,
conservation and strategic planning for existing sites and structures. We have an inter-disciplinary office of architects, planners, interns and administrators who believe that good architecture stems from a harmony of environment, context, and diverse human use. We do our best work using new form, space, materials and technology in places where culture, landscape, and buildings are open to change through compatible alterations and additions. Design excellence is our continuous goal.


Studio Life

THA is a practice often extends beyond the studio walls into the field. During the pandemic we have continued to take on exciting projects, that have involved work across the country, in investigative and construction review environments.


THA is a collaborative environment. Our open studio lends itself to the sharing of ideas and we truly embrace the team approach to problem solving. Our clients see us as strong project leaders, communicators and team builders and we are committed to building long-term relationships with them.


Jill Taylor


Charles Hazell


Carrie Hunter


Studio Staff

Abigail Hyde

Barbara Lush

Ben Lugos

Carmeli Banci

Carrie Hunter

Charles Hazell

Ethan Yeung

Jill Taylor

Jon Soules

Louie Mar Jardeleza

Michelle Dingley

Nuri Lee

Sudeep Dey



Taylor Hazell Architects believes in innovation and progress as a means of education and advancement. Our studio thrives on creativity and embraces unique opportunities to showcase and push our work.

charitable donations

THA values the work that our peers in the arts, culture, environment, health and social justice sectors perform locally and across the country. We are regular participants in volunteer activities that support our communities, and have sponsored the following charitable organizations in the past year:


THA continues to thank these groups for their ongoing commitment to fostering healthy and responsible communities.